Estancias in The Northwest



El Manantial


El Manantial, a casttle ranch outside La Silleta.The 150 years old recycled finca (ranch house) is opened to guests, looked after by Alice Lemons, the owner of the estancia.The house has 2 living-dining room and a reading room.

Set at the foot of the Andean precordillera, with an exceptional view of the Lerma Valley, the stately country home and all the comfort of its cozy suite-style rooms invite you to rest in privacy as if you were at home, and be attended by the owners with great attention to details.


Location: near the town La Silleta, 23 kms from Salta city, in Salta Province, 15 minutes south of the Salta Airport.


Accommodation facilities: 1 single, 7 double and 1 triple room, each of them with private bathroom.


Production: it has a dairy and pig farm that supply, along with its garden and orchad, all-fresh ingredients for a varied menu.


Activities in the estancia: walks, horse rides, trekking, mountain bike, four-wheel-drive vehicles, tennis court, paddle, swimming, share in the farm activities, visit the "tambo", pork breeding and a stone house called "ermita".


Activities in the surrounding area: it's possible to take the Train to the Clouds from Campo Quijano located very near the estancia, and have 1 less hour of train trip.


Meals: home made meals and regional dishes



Hostal Provincial de Molinos


Hostal Provincial de Molinos looks like something out of the tales of region's first settlers. Full of magic and history, it was first built in 1530. The restored main house dates from 1713. Its atmosphere radiates peace, and it is an ideal place for those who are looking for it and can appreciate this extraordinary combination of nature and tradition in its full dimension. The material side of the experience is the hosts' extremely cordial service and the typical delicacies that make "salteņos" famous.


Location: Molinos.


Accommodation facilities: 13 rooms


Activities: walks, trekking, swimming, birdwatching, horse rides.


El Bordo de las Lanzas


El Bordo de las Lanzas is one of the oldest agricultural and cattle raising estancias in the province of Salta. Comprising 2.500 ha (6180 acres) it is also run as a modern business.

The estancia abounds with numerous species of indigenous trees and there are many varieties of exotic plants in the extensive garden surrounding the house.

El Totoral dam contains numerous yacares ņatos (caiman latirostris), which may be easily observed lazily floating or sunbathing and can be attracted by throwing food. The abundant flora and fauna provide incomparable opportunities for the nature enthusiasts, expert naturalists and lovers of the outdoors.


Location: it's situated in the Andean foothills on the fertile plain of the Siancas Valley, 60 kms from the city of Salta and 70 kms from the city of San Salvador de Jujuy. It's in Salta Province.


Accommodation facilities: 6 rooms


Production: 2.500 ha in production.

The estancia produces tobacco, sugar cane, cotton, beans, maize, vegetables, etc. and raises cattle. Pedigree Peruvian Paso horses are bred on the farm together with polo and riding horses. Pigs, sheep, turkeys, chickens, ducks, etc are raised to feed the family, guests and estancia workers. There also is a large vegetable garden and orchad, which produces tropical fruits used to make jams, marmalade, chutneys, preserves and sauces.


Activities in the estancia: walks, trekking, horse rides, fishing, birdwatching, visit the ranch's caiman reserve.


Activities in the surrounding area: there are rejuvenating thermal springs nearby. Diverse excursions to attractive, historic and tourist locations such as the Quebrada de Humahuaca, "Calilegua" and "El Rey" national parks.


Meals: regional, international and vegetarian dishes prepared with homegrown products. Other delicacies made with tropical fruits, preserves, jams, home-made bread, etc.