Horse-back Riding Holidays in Argentina

Argentina has a wide variety of landscapes, climates and people. Our proposal is to ride through Argentina’s most beautiful places on horseback. In each region you will find something different and at the same time you will be able to disclose the weaving pattern that makes all these places interrelate. The persons that will guide you are highly qualified experts. They have grown up in the regions where they work and have had a long practice in leading groups through natural environments. There is no need to be an expert rider. A good health condition and a love for nature is more than enough.


NORTHERN ARGENTINA: SALTA. All year round. A three or four days horse-back ride through the mountains (Andes) enclosing the so called Valles Sagrados (Sacred Valleys) or Calchaqui Valleys belonging to the National Park Los Cardones, a most favourable place for this curious cactus (cardones) which blossom at the age of forty. The presence of a threatened autochthonous animal life – the vicuña and the huemul – enhances the importance of this protected area. We sleep at mountain stations where people live breeding their cattle.


CENTRAL-WEST ARGENTINA: MENDOZA November to April. From the city of San Rafael we are driven to Los Molles at the base of the Andes where the adventure starts. Valleys, rock monoliths, glaciers, rivers and spectacular peaks will be the scenery surrounding us during 6 days. We may reach altitudes of 4,000 meters. Meant for real adventurers, though you do not need to be an expert rider. Nights at camp-sites in the mountain nearby streams from melted snow.




DAY 1: From San Rafael to a simple summer house in the one-time ski resort of Los Molles. We camp at two hours ride into the mountain.


DAY 2: We start riding up into the amazing mountains between Mendoza and Central Chile. We camp at 2,700 metres on a ridge offering us a panoramic view of what is to come.


DAY 3: We crest a ridge of 3,000 metres and start descending to the narrow valley of river Infiernillo. In front of us reddish mountains in the summer, and with dazzling streaks of snow on November and December. We camp by the Infiernillo.


DAY 4: We climb to an spectacular mountain lake at 3,500 metres surrounded by ice-capped peaks. Then we camp by a tumbling river.


DAY 5: We start our return ride with a new scenery and a marvellous place where to camp.


DAY 6: Return to Los Molles and back to San Rafael airport.



Horseriding through the Territory of the Mapuche Indians. November to April

A four days ride which goes through valleys, mountains, craters, caves and cattle stations inhabited by the Mapuche Indians, from pure Araucarias forests to the magnificent rainforest of Lake Pilhue. We start at a little village on Lake Aluminé, a well known fishing site and ride into the Mapuches’ territory. This is Northern Patagonia, a region which extends to the Southernmost Tierra del Fuego. Nights at camp-sites.



Horseriding the Andes from Bariloche. November to April

The horse-ride starts near Bariloche City. We travel from the arid Patagonian Plain to the typical rainforest of the Patagonian Andes. There are plenty crossing of rivers before reaching the spectacular Lake Steffen. Here we shall take a day rest, maybe to trek or make some other activity, such as rafting. Nights at camp-sites.