Patagonia's Heaven


Estancias Tour - Overland - Route Towards The South


Departures: November to March. Except January.

Meals: Full Board. Air Fare: Not included.


The perfect harmony between the immensity of the Argentine Pampas and the omnipresence of the big lords of the Andes is the unknown Patagonia. The hidded Patagonia shelters the visitors while travelling along Argentina and Chile with the beauty of its great lakes lying by the Cordillera.


Day 1 - Comodoro Rivadavia / Buenos Aires Lake

Arrival at Comodoro Rivadavia. Luncheon. Departure by regular-line bus to Buenos Aires Lake. Arrival at La Serena Inn located at the very heart of this fabulous land that recalls the forgotten dreams of Magallanes, Saint Exupery and Darwin, among others. La Serena Inn is a peacefull and charming estancia. This lodge situated on the shore of Buenos Aires lake, a sapphire-blue inland sea, five times larger than the largest lake in western Europe, and the second in size in Latin America after Titicaca. With its drinkable crystal water, it is one of the world's major fresh water reserves. This majestic lake springs in the desert, crosses the Cordillera, the Andean forests and waters into the Pacific glaciers. Accommodation. Dinner.


Day 2 - Buenos Aires lake

Breakfast. Visit to Jeinimeni Valley, Zeballo Hill and Los Antiguos village. Luncheon. This community is an important fine fruits producer, including cherry, strawberry, raspberry, etc. and other products as honey, which is sold within the area. Its microclimate allows also the production of several other fruits such as apple, pear, peach, etc. Return to La Serena Inn. Dinner.


Day 3 - Buenos Aires Lake / Baker River

Breakfast. Departure to Chile bordering Buenos Aires lake. Continue towards Chile Chico, the first chilean settlement on the border along the shore of the lake, named General Carreras in Chile, noticing a drastic change in the landscape features, now watching the abundant rainfall of the western side of the Andes. We will pass through Puerto Guadal, small village by the lake, up to the lodge "Río Baker" on the shore of Bertrand lake. Luncheon. Arrival and accommodation at Lodge Río Baker. This atractive lodge is built over piles on the lake which gives it the appearance of being suspended on the Bertrand lake where Baker river springs, the most plentifull of Chile. Dinner.


Day 4 - Baker River

Breakfast. Embark to sail along Bertrand Lake towards a local ranch where we will ride horses and eat a typical barbecue. Return to the lodge. Dinner.


Day 5 - Baker River / Pueyrredón and Posadas Lakes

Breakfast. Departure towards the Baker-Roballos border pass. We will cross the exuberant Baker and Chacabuco valleys with the attractive possibility of sighting guanacos, ñandues, piches, armadillos, black-necked swans, flamingos and wild geese before re-encountering the wild countryside of arid mountains of magnificent colors. Luncheon. After crossing the border, the road winds along salt pits and lagoons, climbing and descending across a lunar-like landscape, up to reaching two lakes of different shades: Posadas and Pueyrredon, separated by a narrow isthmus. They used to be part ofa glacier that moved back, leaving a moraine that forms the isthmus that separates them now. Right on this isthmus is located "Lagos del Furiosos Inn", away from all population. This "estancia" is fully built with exquisite lenga's wood. (8 bungalows, one in suite, all of them with private bathroom, a finnish sauna, and a dining-room with large windows, that allows the visitors to enjoy a beautiful landscape while resting.) Accommodation. Dinner.


Day 6 - Pueyrredon and Posadas lakes

Brakfast. Excursion to Rio Oro Valley, visiting Rio Furioso Canyon, a beautiful and fascinating geological site. Then, we will drive along the west coast of Pueyrredon Lake until we arrive at the Rio oro Valley and San Lorenzo Mount, the highest mountain in the Patagonian Andes. Lunch-box. Return to Lagos del Furioso. Dinner.


Day 7 - Pueyrredón and Posadas Lake / Buenos Aires Lake

Breakfast. Departure towards La Serena Inn. On the way, we'll visit "Cueva de las Manos" (Cave of the painted hands) located on the Valley of Rio Pinturas, an oasis crossed by the colorfull canyon, where, sheltered by natural eaves, lie the prehistoric indean paintings (believed to be 12,000 years old). It is one of the most important rupestrian art expresions, the scenes are painted in black, yellow, red and violet, representing hands, human figures and guanacos. Box-lunch. Continue to La Serena Inn. Accommodation. Dinner.


Day 8 - Buenos Aires Lake / Comodoro Rivadavia

Breakfast. Departure by regular-line bus to Comodoro Rivadavia to board flight to Buenos Aires.