The Best Of Iguazu Falls 

4 Day / 3 Night

Departures: Daily

Iguazu Falls The most spectaculars falls in the world. The Iguazu river throws an average of 1700 cubic meters of water per second from 70m (210 feet) high alone 275 falls spread in a half moon shape width 2.7 kilometers (4.32 miles). Most of the falls are in the Argentine side, but in order to get a good view the visitor must cross to the Brazilian side for a few hours at least. You can also have a close look to the flora and fauna walking through the Argentine catwalks in between the falls at the lower level or upper level, discovering the amazing varieties of ferns, begonias, orchids, birds, and butterflies. To get to the Devil's throat, which is the main attraction, you will be transferred to Puerto Canoas, where you will board little boats to approach to it, and enjoy the refreshing spray from the falls, which has a permanent rainbow and an oilskin in winter.


Day 1 Arrival at Puerto Iguazu (Argentina) or at Iguassu Falls (Brazil).



Upon arrival visit the Iguazu Falls on the Argentine side on your way to your hotel.


This tour will introduce you to one of the wonders of the world: the Iguazu falls. Visit to the Argentina side falls They are located inside Iguazu National Park, one of the first protected natural areas in America, declared Natural Patrimony of Humankind by Unesco. We will walk through the Inferior and Superior paths admiring the breathtaking 275 cascades which spread across a gulf of nearly 2 miles and pour past lush tropical vines as they crash into the waters below. After the walk the will drive to Puerto Canoas and take a boat ride to the Devil's throat observation deck to enjoy the most impressive view of the very heart of the falls.


Boat excursion to the Argentinean and Brazilian side of the Falls, to admire the falls from the bottom. Take a short walk down from the Inferior Path to board your speed boat to San Martin Island. You will have a view of the Brazilian side of the falls, navigate along the island shore for a view of the Argentine side of the falls.


Day 2 Breakfast at your hotel.


Depart from your hotel for a visit to the Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian side. If we are staying on the Argentine side, we will cross the Tancredo Neves y Juan D. Peron Bridge which connects the city of Puerto Iguazu (Argentina) to Foz do Iguazu (Brazil). We will enter Do Iguacu National Park, one of the biggest flora and fauna reservations in the country. We will walk through the paths to enjoy wonderful panoramic views of the falls and maybe its rainbows.

Afternoon excursion to the famous Itaipu Dam.

Dinner and Samba Show.

Day 3 Breakfast at your hotel.


Today we will visit San Ignacio, the most important archaeological complex of Jesuits ruins, a Unesco World Heritage Site. This tour will take you back in time to the 17th century when the Catholic priests decided to convert the guarani Indians to Christianity and started their settlements in the jungle. We will see the imposing remains of the temple, the main square and the Indian houses that surround it.

We will admire their urban layout and the artistic works of the Indians. Return to the hotel. On the way back we will visit Minas de Wanda, a semi precious stone mine. We will also view typical plantations of tea and "yerba mate".

Lunch is included.

Day 4 Breakfast at your hotel.

Transfer to the airport for flight home.

Optional: Transfer from Aeroparque airport to Ezeiza airport in Buenos Aires.

end of services 


Important: American Citizens need a visit to enter Brazil. It must be obtained in the USA. If your schedule does not allow a visit San Ignacio, we will provide a full day excursion to Iguazu National Park.

Land cost per person, 2001: $729/double, $719/triple, $1199/single

Extra Nights per person including Breakfast and Taxes: $128/double, $125/triple, $239/single.

Two Days / One Night Package: $152/double, $149/triple, $264/single

Includes airport transfers, one night of hotel accommodation at the Das Cataratas on the Brazilian side or at the Sheraton Internacional on the Argentinenan side. No guided tours are included. Both hotels are within a walking distance from the falls. The Hotel Das Cataratas provides a complimentary guided tour of the falls. The entrance fee to the National Park is about $7.00