Trekking among the Glaciers

Lago Argentino


Departures: Every Wednesdays and Sundays November through March

Meals: Half Board. Air Fare: Not included.


Los Glaciares National Park was created to protect a huge ice cap of glaciers, falling into the lakes like huge frozen cascades. This tour offers the opportunity to admire this colossal ice walls with non-traditional excursions, combining sailing and trekking among the glaciers, observing the magnificence of this unique spectacle.



Day 1 - Rio Gallegos / El Calafate

Reception at the local Airport. Transfer to El Calafate by regular line bus. Accommodation. Dinner


Day 2 El Calafate

Continental Breakfast. "Upsala" glacier is the largest continental glacier of the southern hemisphere with 595 kms2. Departure from Puerto Bahia Tranquila towards the north arm of Lago Argentino. Disembark at Cristina Bay and start 4 or 5 hours upward and round walk, watching the scientific base of the Continental Ice Institute (created in 1953 to study the behaviour of the glaciers of the area), and crossing valleys eroded by the glacial activity with the frame of the Norte hill, and Tanhauser lake. Also we hike through lengas an nires forests and reach the Valle de los Fosiles (fossil valley). Then, 800 mts before arriving to the east wall of the glacier, stands the Upsala shelter, from where we get the west side of Peninsula Herminita with the natural belvedere that gives a magnificent view of Upsala glacier, surrounded by Beltran, Bertachi, Murallon, Don Bosco hills and the chain Mariano Moreno. Arrival to the pier at Puerto Bahía Tranquila. Return to the hotel. Dinner


Day 3 - El Calafate

Continental breakfast. Embarking at Bahia Tranquila Port towards the southern arm of Lago Argentino up to Tres Bocas Canal, from where we get into the heart of Mayo glacier. Disembark at a beach of black sand and trekking tour (1 hour and a half) through the patagonic-Andes forests (Ñires, Canelos and lengas), observing Negro glacier and hill, and Mayo mountain (2,300 meters). Lunch-Box. Boarding for a short sail in direction to the Negro hill, we reach the shores of its feet and disembark for a walk across a valley with morrains. Embark. Sailing through Perito Moreno's icefalls, contemplating glacier's typical crumblings and reaching into its floating pier where we disembark. Bus drive up to the glacier's footbridges to enjoy a panoramic view of the glacier. Return to the hotel.


Day 4 - El Calafate

Continental breakfast. Departure by regular line bus to Río Gallegos airport.